Where Luxury meets Ethics. OOBUNTOO.com is the ultimate resource for an honestly luxurious lifestyle.

Ethical Shopping, Responsible Travel, Sustainable Food, Holistic Wellbeing and Authentic Experiences. We support local communities and artisans around the world. We believe all aspects of life can have a positive social impact 100% of the time.

Our site is a destination for curated, handcrafted products from artisans around the world, where contemporary design meets traditional technique.

We highlight products that are sourced ethically, supports our global indigenous communities and preserves our collective cultural heritage as world citizens. Today, many centuries-old tribal cultures and handcrafting techniques are going extinct. We want to help revive their legacy of craftsmanship.

Our Collective Directory showcases hundreds of conscious and sustainable businesses from designer brands to NGOs, hotels to travel agents, organic farmers to individual artisans.

Our Blog highlights all the good that’s there in the world waiting for you to participate in, learn from and experience.

Come, experience global travel, with a difference. Immerse yourself in the local colour, culture and craft found in souks, medinas, bazaars and markets. Discover unique finds with modern aesthetics and old-world charm. Wander the world, live like a local, shop like a tastemaker. Learn about our global tribes and traditions and get inspired for a lifetime. Uncover hidden gems, own a piece of history. Buy something with heart and soul.


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